To Pee Or Not To Pee In The Shower

November 25, 2016 |

Blame it on Seinfeld when George was booed for peeing in the shower at the gym. It’s not a taboo anymore, really. The world is becoming less and less formal and extremely utilitarian. Two students back in 2014 at the University of East Anglia found in a small study that the campus could save the campus 187 million gallons of water a year.

Turns out the debate- should I tinkle in the shower or no – is a valid social discussion. Don’t let your buddies judge you for peeing in the shower. You are actually unconsciously doing an award-worthy job of saving the planet. No kidding.

#1 Save tons of water, and money
The Environmental Protection Agency featured a report mentioning the consumption of water in flushing the toilet; it’s 1.6 gallons per flush. It used to be 7 gallons before the newer toilets were designed and brought into the market. Water costs money, and it’s not a bad idea to prevent the expenses from draining down with the flush. This way you do a praise-worthy job eventually by saving gallons of water, and this is unfair if it’s not socially acceptable. What’s more manly than saving the world?

#2 It’s totally hygienic
While wiping may be a norm it’s not the best option. The piece of dry toilet paper just smears the “body waste” around, it doesn’t clean it all; it can cause a painful infection into the urethra. On the other hand, while in the shower, the clean water rinses everything down. Lesser usage of water and extra cleaning, isn’t it a good idea? This is how you feel completely clean about yourself from inside out. It’s just like how you wash your skin in the shower, the bladder too gets itself washed down.

#3 Oh heck, it’s fun!
You can set a shower-time-aim while peeing in the shower by learning to control the flow and direction of pee. It may sound weird, but when you do, it becomes a kind of oddly satisfying act. Since grown-ups don’t get many opportunities to have fun and go insane, peeing in the shower with some aim makes it great fun. You can enjoy it alone with no one around.

#4 It’s not as weird as you think
This may not be something you are comfortable talking about openly, but it’s surely not weird too, rather it is quicker and convenient. A study showed that more than 80% people admitted to peeing in the shower? So if you are the trendy sorts, you have got a good reason. If you are a rule-breaker, it’s still fun.

So stop feeling gross and weird about peeing in the shower, you should remember how this practice saves water and your money.