Top 3 Reasons Why Changing Razor Blades Is Important For Your Skin

August 27, 2015 |

  1. Prevent Razor Burns and Cuts

Just imagine a blunt knife cutting a vegetable and how it ends up tearing the veggie instead of cutting it off nicely! The same thing happens when you use a dull blade in your razor. It doesn’t cut hair, but tear down the hair, damages your skin to be followed by irritation, cuts and razor burn. A razor blade should easily glide across your skin. If you feel you’re pulling your razor to shave, that probably means your blade has become dull. A sharp razor blade is needed to prevent razor burn on the neck and chin, which is one of the very sensitive areas of shaving your face.



  1. Prevent Acne

One of the primary reasons for acne is the excess of oil and dirt build up within your skin pores.When your blades don’t get rinsed easily with water, there are high chances of dirt clogging on the blades. This causes whole lot of bacteria that is floating around on the blade to enter in your skin pores, thus flare-up your acne. So technically in order to reduce that risk, it come cartridges play key role on your skin and changing them regularly is important.


  1. Secret to Younger-Looking Skin

Having a fresh clean face and younger-looking skin every day doesn’t need to be painful process. Many estheticians list quite a few benefits of shaving your face often.  Shaving your face can have somewhat similar results to a professional dermaplaning procedure. [Dermaplaning provides a deeper exfoliation by removing the outer dead skin]


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