Are you using the perfect razor for your Hair and Skin Type?

July 7, 2016 |

 A perfect shave is what all men are aiming for nowadays, but are you aware of the fact that a perfect shave needs a perfect razor which is best suited for you. Using incorrect razor might cause all kinds of problems like irritation, cuts and you don’t want to deal with all such problems. Your skin needs that extra pampering and wants the shave to be smooth, sharp and perfect. So knowing the right razor for your hair type helps you get what your skin asks for.


The cheek area in the men is the place of some quirky problems. Do you experience that your hair tends to clog in your blades while shaving and does not rinse off even after you wash it? Your razor does not take out the hairs in a single stroke, and you have to perform the same ritual again? Then you are most likely to have hard hair growth. The trick is to choose the right tool. You should use a multi blade razor that has blades spaced widely such as LetsShave PACE 3 and LetsShave PACE 4 that will automatically adjust to the density of your hair and will prevent hair clogging, giving you a more comfortable shave. Using the right razor can change your shaving experience upside down.

Lift & Cut1


Nearly thousands of people describe themselves as sensitive-skinned. Are you truly aware of your skin type or is it just a myth? Sensitive skin is prone to redness, itchiness even after using normal daily products. You can easily recognize your skin type by determining how different products react to your skin. Weather condition is another way of knowing your skin type as sensitive skin type faces major problems during harsh weather conditions, like rashes and irritation. Sensitive skin needs a sensitive razor. So it’s time for you to invest in the right one. You should use a high-definition razor with more blade count that is closely spaced together like LetsShave PACE 6 and LetsShave PACE XL PRO, with its 6 blade technology it helps in reducing the pressure on each blade for less irritation and gives you a clean shave in a single stroke. You might be wondering that why a single stroke shave is important? The reason is that performing the same action over and again on your skin may lead to severe itchiness and redness. As an added advantage these razors have a lubricant strip with aloe vera, vitamin E and lavender extracts is designed to provide hydration and moisture to your skin while you are shaving as sensitive skin needs that extra nourishment.

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Bottom Line – Brush up a bit of your knowledge and know the right tools, and we swear you will no more have to slice or dice your face which also saves your toilet paper – you no longer have to wrap yourself in one when bleeding.