How A Vulnerable Man Is Still The Most Irresistible!

February 4, 2017 |

Picture Ranbir Kapoor in ‘Wake up Sid’. A smiling face, a happy-go-lucky and vulnerable man. Or remember Tom Cruise in Jerry Maguire. Our hearts cling to how weak Jerry becomes in situations and goes back to his love. So what really makes the Mars so irresistible to Venus?

We men often have to be strong, responsible and ofcourse Macho. So when women like vulnerability, it kinda throws us off. LetsShave gives you a low-down on why and how this happens:

Vulnerable man is not afraid to be his original self

We all are kids trapped in mature human body. This cliche has some merit. The cute little fun loving kid in us which pops out sometimes when we are high, sometimes when are persuading our girlfriends, is what we are right? A bowl of mush? That’s exactly what makes vulnerable men so very attractive. Women love the guys who can be themselves. Who can enjoy things without caring about what people say- and that’s the sought after originality.

Vulnerability brings fun to the shore

Let’s admit it. Dancing like no one is watching is some out-worldly fun. Like letting go off of everything which is sophisticated or adult, or mature basically. When Farhan in Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara danced like crazy or sang stupid ad songs, didn’t we all love it? So be it the sophisticated women, or that tom-boyish girl, fun turns women on. Only when you are willing to be vulnerable, do you shed your inhibitions and bring out the fun.

Women like feeling they can read your mind

Who doesn’t wish to read minds? Women surely do. It’s when they have seen you vulnerable, they have seen every side of you. From the things that make you emotional to the things you don’t do with others. It makes them feel closer to you, like they know you in and out and makes the connection so much easier and deeper.

Vulnerable man is more dependable

Don’t think it’s a big deal? You’ve got it wrong buddy. Dependability may feel like a baggage on shoulder, but a fulfilling hey it’s a very important factor in any relationship. Women love the men they can depend on. For decisions, for love, for friendship and for emotional venting. When you have been vulnerable in all respects in front of her, it won’t be long before she would open up to you like never before. She will cry, complain and demand, because that’s how she really is and now she will have the faith that you will love her nevertheless.

Vulnerable is sexy

A vulnerable man is simultaneously able to protect and let loose before her woman. A woman feels most intimate with you when you show her your vulnerable side. Once she is in that comfortable space, where she can be her vulnerable self in front of you, it won’t be long before you both would be steaming hot together. Those intimate moments would become more adventurous and fun without even having to try hard. Anything for being attractive to her right? This is the sure shot key then.

More the ‘long term’ type

Vulnerable people know how to be themselves! Yes. They know they cannot be strong always. They cry. They love much more than they can ever express. Such men don’t always know what she even means when she wants it all romantic. They keep trying to figure out if they are good enough for their women. This leaves so much room to explore each other. There’s nothing more important to a woman than honesty and the right girl will respect you for it. Not only will she bounce back, she will help you with things much more then you expect her to.

So behind the hard core, heavy muscular and soft hearted men, vulnerability is as sexy. The day you decide being yourself is when your life or relationship will progress dramatically. Show up and be seen. Ask for what you need. Talk about how you feel. Have serious conversations. Love and be loved. After all, “What makes you vulnerable makes you handsome”.