What we want our men to wear this winter!

December 13, 2016 |


We loved you back then when you didn’t much care about fashion. We really did. But we would love you a lot if you are slightly more picky on What we want our men to wear this winter!

We loved you back then when you didn’t much care about fashion. We really did. But we would love you a lot if you are slightly more picky on what to wear and pricky on how to be the trendsetter. Clothes after clothes, heaps after heaps, when you look for that perfect match that would suit and define you personalities well. How adorable!

You really wanna know how we want to see you this winter? Here’s our list of the most macho winter apparels to nail:

#1 Floral Print

Floral print, when done manly, can be intriguing. There are sweaters, cardigans and even jackets. The brighter, the better. These prints give a summer-like aesthetic to your winter-styled clothing Let the winter sun shine brighter for you. Florals especially in red, white and blue are more manly, to tell you the truth. Take a floral jacket on a slim-fit plain trouser or a jeans and look the most promising fashion figure in your vicinity.

#2 Shearling

Furs are no longer just for women. Decorated with neatly textured fur, shearlings now adorn most men’s stores. But that’s not where we want to see ‘em, you know. Lighter tones, tans and softer browns are the ones we want you in. They are best matched with denim, they give you a classic versatile look.

#3 Statement Jackets

Simple, plain has its market, but the graphics, slogans, digital designers are a world of their own. The younger men prefer adopting the printed jackets, decorated with digital graphics, famous slogans and even abstract designs to be a fashion-forward. Mature men may go for biker jackets or rugged ones for that oh-so-hawwt look. Paired with patched and torn designer jeans – is a match made in heaven.

#4 Emerald Green

Inspired by the arrow or the diamond, this color is decorating even the best of the best. The top fashion designers are designing the winter outfits in emerald green to give a royal touch to the complete package. You can adopt the trend in fitted suit styles and go for a brighter take on the colour to boost the modern appeal of your look. Emerald green scarves also work effectively to lend a jolt of colour to simplistic casual wear, amplifying your looks.

#5 Long coats and Leather jackets

Men from all age groups look fabulous in these. Dark colored long-coats and leather jackets get us drooling for the guys behind them. Black, dark brown, brick red are some seriously trendy colours. Trousers and shirts best compliment long-coats, whereas printed tees, patched denims, sets off the usp of leather jackets even higher.

#6 Novelty Sweaters

Cartooned motif and kitsch retro advertisement are the most featured designs on these playful sweaters. They ooze personality. Traditional colors, grey get the better of the rest. Colorful shades and loose and baggy trousers will give you a get-away-to-a-holiday look and help you stand out.

#7 Faux Fur

Long strands of furs on coats are in. Darker tones of fur on a light colored like tawny, off-white coats get us – women – on our knees. And darker coats stand out with light colored furs. To heat the cold, follow these and enjoy the warmth within.

We love you when you put so much thought in your winter clothing. That’s because it shows you don’t pretend that you aint feeling cold and you want to embrace the season’s fashion. It’s pretty sexy, actually.