What’s Better – Morning Shave or Evening Shave?

August 10, 2016 |

Do you also keep wondering on which one is better morning shave or shaving in the evening? Well, there is no specific answer to this question but we have a pack full of reasons which can make you believe that evening shaves are far better than morning shaves. Before we come to any conclusion let’s just get to know why evening shaving is always a good idea.

More time for Pre-shave preparation:

A morning shave can do more harm to your face than good. Why? Simply because shaving needs time and cannot be rushed. A great shave requires a good pre-prep which I am sure is not possible in the morning. You definitely get a lot of time for the latter in the evening though. Most importantly you cannot just wake up and shave. By doing this you are inviting razor burns or nics and cuts. It is always ideal to shave after a nice warm shower. Also, you do a great job when you are relaxed and give shaving the time it requires, this is only possible in the evening isn’t it?.

Hair growth is slower:

Now, you might be just thinking that what about the 5 O’clock shadow which you are going to see the other day. Well, if only you know this. Hair growth is relatively slow when you are sleeping. When asked men – Most of them said they shave in the evening and that they wake up the other morning stubble-free. All you need is just give evening shave a try.

Say Goodbye to razor burn:

You might invite razor burns by shaving in the morning. Therefore, experience lesser fights with razor burns by shaving during evening time – Razor burns are tamed down easily during a night time sleep. So, that helps you avoid the ugly ones the other day.

Heals the skin:

The freshly shaved skin is exfoliated while shaving and is much more sensitive, hence the skin cells need time to heal. Morning shave can make your newly shaved skin more prone to damage by getting into direct contact with the sun and dirt. As in the night when we are asleep, our skin and body heals itself. So, not only you protect yourself from the sun and dirt but also give your skin the time to heal. Applying SPF is any other alternative but, a sleep plus the SPF on the following day might work even better, won’t they! Alas, Not waking up early in the morning is the coolest thing ever and what makes a morning more beautiful is when you wake up with clear skin and not with the frustration of rashes or nick and cuts.

Choosing either time to shave depends totally on your personal preferences and what you are most comfortable with. Whether you shave in the morning or in the evening, make sure you choose according to what is best for your skin.