What’s better: Shower first or Shave first?

July 11, 2016 |

Some people shave and then shower, others shower and then shave. While the rest don’t shave at all. Which one are you out of these? While at the same time there’s no real evidence that one way is better than the other, so we decided to flip both sides of the coin and know which one is better than the other.

Shaving before a shower

Most of you have gotten into the addiction of shaving themselves as they usually could, after which moving into the shower to permit the force of the water blast all the shaving cream away for a superb smooth rinse. Are you one of these? Well, we leave it for you to answer this.

Shaving over a dry body irritates the skin and leaves you feeling uncooked. While you hustle through tough hair, it often causes the hair to be pulled from its follicles, increasing the danger of ingrown hairs and razor burn.

The basic need is to soak yourself in warm water of a shower which will open up your pores and makes hair soft, making it less difficult to cut through without disturbing the skin.

For those of you who want a quick shave. Wash the body part which needs to be shaved with hot water for several minutes before applying the shaving cream and you are good to go.

Shaving after a shower

The traditional way to shave has always been after a nice and refreshing shower. Shaving feels much of a simpler task when it is done after shower. Normally showers last a couple of minutes for most guys and this is more than enough time to get your hair all soaked up and equipped for shaving.

Pores need to be widely open for smooth shave that minimizes skin inflammation; hot shower relaxes the pores on your skin, as well as making the hair nice and soft, allowing the blade to drift seamlessly across your body giving you painless and effortless shave.

Just invest a bit of cash in a fog less mirror and save tons of time by means of combining grooming chores together.

Note – Pores will begin to close when you are done showering and in case you wait too long it is probably too overdue. Head to the sink straightway for a few after-shower shaving action.

The Verdict

Now that we have flipped the coin and studied both sides of it, which side of the talk do you want to be?

Shaving before shower is a big NO-NO. Technically it is better to shave after taking a shower but that doesn’t mean a bath is an absolute should in terms of shaving.

Go ahead, attempt them both and notice what fits you the best.