When should I change my razor blades?

August 17, 2016 |

Stretch till the end isn’t the deal with razor blades !!

Well, does this question keep’s on bugging you? It is very obvious that razor blades do not come with a lifetime warranty, so you got to change it after a short span. One simple reason is that shaving is not related to subjective use.

A razor blade must go with glide across your skin smoothly, specifically while you’re going with the grain of your hair. In case your razor is causing an annoying pulling sensation, which probably means it’s stupid and needs to be replaced. A dull blade can cause irritation or rash, or it will depart you with nicks and cuts.

It clearly depends on how frequently you shave, how large of a place you’re shaving and how thick your hair is. If you are a frequent shaver then you must change your blades once every 10 – 15 days. The time frame may vary for those who do not shave frequently. Shaving therefore, is subject to individuals whereas the time period varies. For a great shave, you always need razor blades in superb condition.

When is the great time to change your razor blades?

✔If you ever find rust on your blade, you should replace it immediately. Even the excellent steel will eventually change its colours and you don’t want that all over your body. Not only will it hurt, however, you will want a tetanus shot after each shave.

✔If you spend time shaving in the morning; however you by no means experience pretty right and you show up at the office and your face itches like loopy. This means that the razor did not give you a clean and smooth shave in the first stroke. Immediately consider a change.

✔If you just don’t feel like your razor is getting as close as you need so you start searching for methods to trim. Let’s face it, a great razor will provide you with about ten exceptional shaves however when you need to apply one of these to trim, it may be time to change your blades.

✔If your razor does not easily glides across your skin, and you start to feel a pulling sensation on the skin. Also, you have to go over the same area again and again but still the razor is unable to provide you with a clean shave, this means that you need to change your razor blades.

Dr. Barber’s tip:

Rinse the blades with water after every stroke to remove the clogged hairs or shaving cream and then begin again. This will not only keep the razor blades clean but also help the razor blades to glide across your skin smoothly with every stroke. After shaving is done, wash the razor blades again and allow it air dry to prevent it from rusting.