Why Do We Get Most Creative Ideas In The Shower?

January 16, 2018 |

There haven’t been a lot of research on why you get random thoughts or ideas pop out of your head, but psychology does have a theory that describes a mental state that seems to build these kinds of thoughts. It’s called the “default mode network”. In this mode, you become less aware of your environment and more aware of your internal thoughts,” said by a psychologist at Drexel University in Philadelphia, John Kounios. Here are some of the reasons what happens to our brain in the shower that foments creative epiphany.

When you’re doing something mundane or routine activity, like fishing, exercising, or showering your brain is more active and starts to wander. Since these routine activities don’t require much focus, you flip to autopilot mode. This lets your unconscious mind to work on something else. 

Apparently, it is strange that your brain is not active when you are focused.

When you’re relaxed during the shower, your brain releases a neurotransmitter, dopamine that can boost your creative side. Dopamine encourages the creative fireworks in your brain.

In other words, if you are relaxed, you are not focused and easy to distract and full of dopamine and your mind starts to wander sometimes creatively.

Also note, these kinds of thoughts don’t just happen in the shower. Long drives, short walks, or even listening to calm music, all seem to have the right mix to trigger monotony.