Why Men Who Cook Are Great In Bed?

May 3, 2017 |

Turns out chore-play may be the prelude for a good foreplay. More studies are being conducted about the connection of cooking among men and their performance as sex partners lately. Of course, there are parallel contradictory studies as well. But we have got an opinion on this you cannot resist.

We believe men who are great cooks are usually great in bed too. Here goes our list of reasons:

  1. Cooking involves all five senses
    So really, what do you find men doing when they are busy cooking? They are using all of their five senses: seeing and choosing ingredients, touching food, tasting it, smelling it and hearing the sounds of the food while it’s being cooked. Men who enjoy using all of their senses in kitchen, are more sensitive towards the sensory experiences while making love. Now beat that.
  1. They know how to please
    Cooking for others is like a performance art. You need to make it taste and look good. You need a strong sense of serving. Now imagine when such a man is performing in the sack, he knows how to please, and make the woman happy. This is a kind of selfless attitude that makes him truly great in bed.
  1. They are natural at improvising
    Often men who are habitual cooks are aware that they may not have all the ingredients in place every time. They know the hacks and the ways to cook great food with whatever’s available. Thus they are more inclined towards improvising in bed. They want to give their woman a novel experience and are desperate to surprise her each time.
  1. They spice things up, quite literally
    The whole process of mixing and matching the ingredients shows they love variety. They like experimenting while being sensitive towards the woman’s needs. They know that while just submitting to her needs sometimes can simply add a little spice in their sex life. Cooking makes them naturally willing to be adventurous.
  1. They have patience
    Great cooks are patient people. These men have honed all of their skills in terms of multi-tasking. They are aware that despite all precautions, sometimes a dish may not turn out to be as delicious as they expected. Yet, they enjoy the whole process of cooking. This trait truly works for them since they are not in a hurry to climax. They savour the whole experience of smelling, touching and tasting as they go about making love. They are not overtly conscious of the finish line and are more practical about sex as a whole experience than just a momentary high.

A few years ago, there was a famous poll titled “Men who cook are the sexiest” which was carried out on Sina Weibo with more than 5,000 men and women participating. More than 90% women who voted considered men with good cooking skills as more desirable.

We are guessing we have said enough on this one.